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On Demand Services In Kolkata

On-demand is in demand.
“The on-demand economy has taken off because, as a society, we’ve come to demand things faster – whether Internet content, movies from the theater to home or products we order online.

Crew For You is your on demand services in Kolkata for every need of yours be it in an office, your home, or your building or its compound.

Of course, it’s easy to imagine how longtime business owners and corporate executives could think it’s a little crazy to be referring to on-demand businesses as a new phenomenon. After all, since shopping was invented, all businesses have been about making sure the customer gets what he or she wants, as soon as possible.

But on demand services in Kolkata handyman service company
Crew For You Handyman Service is your one stop solution for every need of yours be it in an office, your home, or your building or its compound. It is a complete handyman service company. We take care of all the requirements that you may think of when you think of your house or office.

Still, if you live in a big city, you’re much more likely to have access to on-demand services.

On-Demand Plumber
In plumbing services we are at the top position. You will get all the solution to your problems related to plumbing. A small leakage to a bigger issue like repairing the pipe lines or the sewage line repairing, everything is just a call away.

On-Demand interior designer
After a house or building is constructed with all the amenities like electric supply, proper plumbing system, carpenting etc. the final round is occupied by interior designing.

On-Demand Carpenter
Crew For You Pvt Ltd is the best option for all your home needs, including carpentry. With our company your own laborious tasks in the basic needs for home or building will be reduced. We have our team for offering you the best service in the city.

On-Demand Services
Providing best service to the clients is the main aim of our company. We believe in team work and for that reason, formed a large team of staffs with a variety of services. The services provided by us are:
Computer repair
Marble Cleaner
General labor
packing and Moving
Interior designer
Building renovation

Marble cleaning

Enjoy shiny marble floors with marble cleaning services

Marbles are the most stunning floor materials used for years. These are precious and also possess an elegant look. To maintain the natural glaze and matt look of these stones proper maintenance is required. This is not possible always to do by them. For this reason we are here to help you.

We offer a deep cleaning service to your marbles. Our professional experts in specialized marble cleaning will clean, restore your marble floors with care to give them the same look as they are at the time of first used. The experienced staff and the specific equipments for this purpose will change the marble into the new looks whatever be their age. One important point is kept in mind in this context. The marble enhancing and full marble restoration are included in the marble cleaning depending upon the condition of the floor.

The marble floors which are used often and in good condition are enhanced in two steps – one is buffing the floor with special floor pads and the application of special chemicals for a dazzling shine to the marbles. If the marble floors are in poor condition, we provide full marble restoration which is very important for the uneven surfaces that can create accident. In this process we add a step prior to the buffing step. The uneven top surface is scarified at first to level the floor and then the marble enhancement is done.

Why you must use our marble cleaning service?
We are the number one in the home solutions. So along with deep cleaning your marbles from the dusts and germs stored due to regular use, the accident prone uneven surfaces are also cleared. Thus you will get a safe, secured and dazzling floor with our surface.

Building Renovation

Are you starting up to build a new house, an office or thinking of extending of the space you own? Or do you need to turn your store into some useful space or you need new cabinet space in that front wall of you room? Thinking of how to change you gas line while you remove the kitchen wall for expansion? What will happen to electric wires while you renovate you house?
Worry no more. At Crew for you, we have experts who can bring out the best in the worst of situation. Renovation will not be a nightmare for you anymore. We have experts, architects and interior designers who provide you advice keeping in mind the technical and creative aspect of your renovation.
With the help of our designers, you can give shape to your ideas. We also provide you with quality materials to choose from. You also have the option of bringing in your material. We help you with the obligatory security, safety checks like that for fire, electricity and structure.
We ensure quality of the material used in the work is the best and we proceed the work according to your requirements. Our experts help you build a roadmap to achieve the maximum benefits in the fixed amount of time.
Come and shape your ideas with Crew For You.


Crew for you is your answer to all your needs that you may think and that includes Gardening too. You own an apartment, but always fantasized about a garden in your balcony or your terrace. You need a garden in your small space in front of your house but worried how to go about it? Own big garden but do not know how to start organizing it in a better way? Need hanging baskets or a small green space on the window sill? Do not worry, we at Crew For you take in your worries and provide you expert solution.
With our gardening services you do not have to go about wandering and wondering what to do with your plans of gardening in your small place. Our skilled personnel got it all handled.
We can design for you a variety of garden styles.

  • Balcony, Terrace, Front yard, Backyard Gardens, front side porch and windows too.
  • Gardens in Residential complex, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices.
  • Gardens for Farm houses, malls and shopping complexes.

Our services include a wide range of gardening solutions. These include nursery services, garden maintenance, landscaping, indoor plantation, plant trimming, pruning, organic pest control, soil loosening, and much more.

Get ready to transform your space with our gardening services.

Interior Designer

img_8After a house or building is constructed with all the amenities like electric supply, proper plumbing system, carpenting etc. the final round is occupied by interior designing. This part includes the planning, arranging and decorating the furniture and accessories of the home. Our expert team in interior designing, with their super creativity will create magic inside your home. We have some different packages to meet different purposes of our valuable customers.
These are

  • Commercial Interior designing
  • Residential Interior designing
  • Semi detached house Interior designing

Our Interior designer professionals apply their innovative ideas added with skills to make arrangements of various appliances inside the home which might not be possible to arrange and decorate within that space. Customer’s requirements are the basic priority for us. For this, our team of interior designers are well conversed with the clients as well as the architects and the civil professionals which is very much required for a successful interior designing. They are able to cope up with the pressure in emergency needs for any project. Thus with our proficient interior designers you will get your requirement fulfilled within time and will astonish your competitors or neighbors. Explore our Interior design and home decor, Kolkata and see the difference.

General Labor

img_8For making a new office or home the first and foremost necessity is a building which has been made by maintaining all the safety measures. When any building is constructed either for commercial purpose or for residential purpose, a number of labors are required. For various purposes various types of labors are needed, but there are certain people those work as general labor for all purpose. To arrange for these labors from outside is a matter of great headache. Our company is a multifunctional one that takes all the tension and headache from your end and does the necessary arrangements required during constructing a building.

Laborious and expensive task of arranging Building Trades & Labor in Kolkata is reduced by our company by setting up everything. We supply general labors to our clients in a reasonable rate who needs them. In terms of package we have a number of them depending on the duration and number of the labors you need. We are just a phone call away from you to help you. You can also connect with us online.


img_7Everybody loves his home and his home is his castle. For the safety and durability of your home you must be in need of a good masonry service. We offer our customer a trusted and quality service. Our expert team of masonry works Kolkata is the pillar of our success. We are the leading company, dealing with varied types of services along with this service.

After the layout of a new building is made by the planner, the next step is to consult a contractor. In our company you have to nothing except contacting us and list your requirements. We are here to help you out in every possible ways. We do have our team of expert Building Consultants & Contractor Kolkata.
In our company the types of masonry works that are in the list are:

  • Stone and brick
  • Flagstone
  • Pavers
  • Concrete block
  • Cultured stone
  • Natural stone for building etc.

Our specialist Construction Trades & Labor is experienced for years and also they have super skills to make your dream home as per your wish. Just give us a call and become tension free for your home.


img_6In Kolkata, we are the leading company in painting services. Whether you are looking for decorating the outer wall of your home or the interior portion, you can consult with us. We have a unit of members who are well experienced in choosing the appropriate color for the walls of your home. They regularly research on the colors which best suits your home walls and the accessories inside the home to add a fabulous look. Our service is to render full satisfaction to our valuable customers with quality work in a reasonable price.

It is quite obvious that you will want such paint for your home or office which will last for a couple of years specially in the exterior walls. We promise to complete the work in time and maintain the quality of the work.

Our Home Painting Services Kolkata is a professional and prompt service for both smaller and bigger projects. Our types of services are –

  • Estimation of the cost and the time needed for a particular project with a detailed planning.
  • Choosing the perfect match of colors and paint quality for your exterior and interior walls and also textured paintings.
  • We do research in the quality of services to be rendered to our customers. For this reason we are always there to help you after the service offered.
  • We do offer other services related to wall paintings like wall repairing, removing old coats and adding new etc.

If you need to know more about our services related to Building Painting Services Kolkata please contact us.


img_5A foreman is the person responsible for supervising other workers in many fields. Our company has some of the eminent foreman who is responsible to take the charges of a particular work.

He is the head supervisor of a team who performs some tasks like –

  • Monitoring the operations at the sites
  • Overseeing the workers and sub contractors
  • Safety and security records are maintained
  • Daily information regarding the work in progress i.e. the briefing should be collected by him.

The main thing which a foreman should possess is the safety certification like Site Management
Safety Training Scheme. We are lucky to have such professionals in our team who possesses this
certification and is also experienced for years.

We do have part time and full time professionals which has some advantages. The daily works
are dealt by the full-time professionals and the part-time professionals undertake the
responsibilities when required. So our clients would not suffer due to scarcity of people
operating the work. Also we work in team and believe to give the best of our service to our
valuable customers.