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img_5A foreman is the person responsible for supervising other workers in many fields. Our company has some of the eminent foreman who is responsible to take the charges of a particular work.

He is the head supervisor of a team who performs some tasks like –

  • Monitoring the operations at the sites
  • Overseeing the workers and sub contractors
  • Safety and security records are maintained
  • Daily information regarding the work in progress i.e. the briefing should be collected by him.

The main thing which a foreman should possess is the safety certification like Site Management
Safety Training Scheme. We are lucky to have such professionals in our team who possesses this
certification and is also experienced for years.

We do have part time and full time professionals which has some advantages. The daily works
are dealt by the full-time professionals and the part-time professionals undertake the
responsibilities when required. So our clients would not suffer due to scarcity of people
operating the work. Also we work in team and believe to give the best of our service to our
valuable customers.

Computer repair

img_4A computer software and hardware specialist in our team handles all your computer related problems with care. We offer guarantee after service. This means after service within that guarantee period you can call our service desk.
We offer installation of computer systems as well as take care of the repairing services. The services are not confined to a particular field.

The areas which come under our services related to computer systems are:

  • Installation of new PC softwares
  • Installation of new PC hardwares
  • Backup of PC services
  • Repair of PC and its parts (keyboard, motherboard, CPU, screen, UPS systems, monitor etc.)
  • Computer network related services
  • Security services of PC
  • Problems in laptops
  • Regular maintenance services on contract
  • All troubleshooting services related to PC and printers etc.

All you need to do is just contact us with your problems or requirements and we will reach at your doorsteps. The tasks that can be completed at your place will be finished there, and the rest will be carried to the service centers for resolving the problems. We offer the best quality in Computer repair services Kolkata.


img_3Electric circuits, wiring and other appliances in every home, building or malls are the vital part of any residential or official space. In Kolkata our company Crew For You is the most reputed name in electrical services along with other home services. The reason behind this is that we offer the best service in professional ground.

There are a huge number of small and larger issues related to electrical services. The services which are in our list are:

  • Indoor circuit and wiring
  • Outdoor wiring
  • Switch systems
  • Lights, fans, A.C.s, heaters, and other connections
  • Break box
  • Inspection of electrical safety
  • Transformers and other appliances troubleshooting services and many more.

The electricians in our team are licensed and so you must be maximum assured about your home security and safety from electrical hazards. Our expert professionals are well experienced in Electrical wiring in Kolkata.
We have the best Wiring Contractors in Kolkata in our electrical team. The electricians, the
wiring contractors and the other professionals associated with our electrical team are proficient in their particular field. This may be new connections or repair jobs.
We are open 24 hours a day. So at any time of the day or night you can contact us freely on our customer care number provided in the site.


img_2Crew For You Pvt Ltd is the best option for all your home needs, including carpentry. With our company your own laborious tasks in the basic needs for home or building will be reduced. We have our team for offering you the best service in the city.
The woodworks are required for almost all building either in large or in trace amounts, whether for office purpose or your personal home.
Our teams of craftsmen are highly experienced for years and creativity added with carpentry skills are their arms for every wood solutions. The outdoor woodworks for safety of the building are of utmost important for any building. The eminent craftsmen in our team deals with these services as well as with the works related to interior designing. We offer carpentry services in railings, stairs, making cabinets, paneling and interior designing. We leave no stone unturned to give you the best possible Carpenter Service in Kolkata.

We also offer services in storage cabinets and in making various storage spaces meeting the needs of the modern home and offices. Carpenter Services Kolkata has a great market with the upcoming and ongoing projects in real estate. Explore all your official or residential carpentry needs with our highly advanced and experienced team of carpenters.


img_1-bIn plumbing services we are at the top position. You will get all the solution to your problems related to plumbing. A small leakage to a bigger issue like repairing the pipe lines or the sewage line repairing, everything is just a call away. Our expert team of plumbing team is experienced for years. They can diagnose the problems and will solve the problem. Plumbing is an essential problem. This can arise at any time within 24 hours. For this reason we offer emergency services at the late nights along with regular service throughout the day.

The services related to plumbing that we offer are –

  • New connections of pipe lines.
  • New sewage lines and proper bathroom and toilet arrangements.
  • Repairing of the water pipe lines in a building.
  • The sewage lines repair.
  • Leakage and cracked pipes restoration.
  • Fixing the problems of the tanks and other accessories associated with the plumbing system and such types of problems in plumbing.

With our well trained technical persons in this field or Plumbing Contractors in Kolkata we offer timely service whenever called for the services. Our quality services with reasonable charge are guaranteed in customer satisfaction. Among the Plumbing Services Kolkata, we offer the best one. You can opt for our plumber services Kolkata to explore the difference.