Computer repair

img_4A computer software and hardware specialist in our team handles all your computer related problems with care. We offer guarantee after service. This means after service within that guarantee period you can call our service desk.
We offer installation of computer systems as well as take care of the repairing services. The services are not confined to a particular field.

The areas which come under our services related to computer systems are:

  • Installation of new PC softwares
  • Installation of new PC hardwares
  • Backup of PC services
  • Repair of PC and its parts (keyboard, motherboard, CPU, screen, UPS systems, monitor etc.)
  • Computer network related services
  • Security services of PC
  • Problems in laptops
  • Regular maintenance services on contract
  • All troubleshooting services related to PC and printers etc.

All you need to do is just contact us with your problems or requirements and we will reach at your doorsteps. The tasks that can be completed at your place will be finished there, and the rest will be carried to the service centers for resolving the problems. We offer the best quality in Computer repair services Kolkata.