Electric circuits, wiring and other appliances in every office, building or malls are the vital part of any commercial or official space. In Kolkata our company Crew For You is the most reputed name in electrical services along with other services. The reason behind this is that we offer the best service in professional ground.

There are a huge number of small and larger issues related to electrical services. The services which are in our list are:

  • Indoor circuit and wiring
  • Outdoor wiring
  • Switch systems
  • Lights, fans, A.C.s, heaters, and other connections
  • Break box
  • Inspection of electrical safety
  • Transformers and other appliances troubleshooting services and many more.

The electricians in our team are licensed and so you must be maximum assured about your home security and safety from electrical hazards. Our expert professionals are well experienced in Electrical wiring in Kolkata. We have the best Wiring Contractors in Kolkata in our electrical team. The electricians, the wiring contractors and the other professionals associated with our electrical team are proficient in their particular field. This may be new connections or repair jobs.