Marble cleaning

Enjoy shiny marble floors with marble cleaning services

Marbles are the most stunning floor materials used for years. These are precious and also possess an elegant look. To maintain the natural glaze and matt look of these stones proper maintenance is required. This is not possible always to do by them. For this reason we are here to help you.

We offer a deep cleaning service to your marbles. Our professional experts in specialized marble cleaning will clean, restore your marble floors with care to give them the same look as they are at the time of first used. The experienced staff and the specific equipments for this purpose will change the marble into the new looks whatever be their age. One important point is kept in mind in this context. The marble enhancing and full marble restoration are included in the marble cleaning depending upon the condition of the floor.

The marble floors which are used often and in good condition are enhanced in two steps – one is buffing the floor with special floor pads and the application of special chemicals for a dazzling shine to the marbles. If the marble floors are in poor condition, we provide full marble restoration which is very important for the uneven surfaces that can create accident. In this process we add a step prior to the buffing step. The uneven top surface is scarified at first to level the floor and then the marble enhancement is done.

Why you must use our marble cleaning service?
We are the number one in the home solutions. So along with deep cleaning your marbles from the dusts and germs stored due to regular use, the accident prone uneven surfaces are also cleared. Thus you will get a safe, secured and dazzling floor with our surface.